Movies to watch this holiday season

You’re probably eating, sleeping and reading everything related to pregnancy all day long.

So why not do something different for a bit? What better way than spending time watching movies? So here are 6 beautiful movies that will not only prepare you for motherhood but also give you that much needed me-time. They are fun and relaxing to watch and we can’t think of a better way for you to welcome this New Year at home!

What to Expect When You Are Expecting.

The most obvious pick for pregnant women, this holiday season. It follows the lives of six women who are having a baby, including Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz. This movie covers all the pregnancy problems that are possibly out there. It also fun to watch and you can relate to it.



She’s Having a Baby.

This might be an old movie from 1988 but this rom-com is a ‘must watch’. After all, you have Kevin Bacon playing the lead. It follows the life of a happy couple who is a bit unprepared for the reality of parenthood. Enjoy this one with a tub of ice-cream!


Raising Arizona

If you just want to sit back and laugh, you should definitely pick this one! This movie is about a couple that can’t get pregnant. When they see the chance, they steal one of a rich man’s quintuplets. Who needs five babies anyway? Right? And as you can predict, drama and hilarity ensue, making their life more complicated than they thought it could get.


Finding Nemo

A Disney movie has to be on your list and this universally acclaimed one should be THE one! ‘Finding Nemo’ shows the beautiful relationship between a father and son, as the former swims through the ocean looking for his lost son.  Enjoy the emotional roller-coaster with these two as they fight all odds to be reunited!


Salaam Namaste

One of the top pregnancy movie in Bollywood is ‘Salaam Namaste’ starring Preity Zinta and Saif Ali Khan as the lead pair. The movie deals with two Indians in a live in relationship in Australia which ends up in an unplanned pregnancy. The movie is fun, dramatic and also has some incredibly catchy songs!


Knocked up

Katherine Heigl and Seth Rogen’s PG- 13 movie- ‘Knocked Up’ would be the slightly raunchier movie on our list. This hilarious movie follows the story of a very incompatible and unlikely pair that have a one night stand and end up with an unplanned pregnancy. Watch how they maneuver through the hilariously unexpected situation and come out stronger in the end!6


So sit back and enjoy these movies with your spouse or by yourself and have an educational, yet enjoyable holiday! Don’t forget to keep a tub of popcorn ready!