[tabby title=”Success Story”]

1) Twin boys suffering from Juvenile Krabbe Disease become UK’s first twin cord blood transplant recipients

2) After treatment with her brother’s Cord Blood, little girl touches 200 days milestone post cord blood transplant

3) How A Bone Marrow Transplant Of A Two-Year Old Girl Saved Her Older Sibling From Sickle Cell Anaemia

4) Stem Cell Therapy Can Help Treat COPD

5) A Novel Cure For Multiple Myeloma Patients – Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplantation

6) Stem Cell Therapy Used To Cure Polio

7) The Endless Miracle of Stem Cell Therapy

[tabby title=”Press Release”]

1) Babycell celebrates Breastfeeding Awareness Week with to be moms in Hyderabad

2) Babycell sets new healthcare standards internationally

3) Babycell Just Did Something Very Cute For Parents-To-Be!

4) Stem cell banking a hit with couples

5) Stem cell sector sees need for regulations to be simplified and approval process to be seamless

6) IVF Children are twice prone to health diseases

7) Holistic Pregnancy Care Carnival for Mums

[tabby title=”Research Article”]

1) Parkinson’s Clinical Trials Back On Track.

2) Potential Uses Of Cord Blood In Curing Heart Diseases

3) Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cell Transplantation – A Novel Road To The Cure Of HIV/AIDS

4) 1000 CB transplants in India

5) Cerebral Palsy can be successfully treated with use of cord blood stem cells.


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