A Testimonial by Yohaan, Jini and Bipin, Mumbai

Mr & Mrs Anand

Stem cells have been largely researched and used in the biomedical world by scientists as they have the potential to be a cure for diseases. Stem cells are harvested from the umbilical cord after the birth of the child. They can be frozen in Cell banks like Babycell for any future requirement. In the western world, such cells have known to be successfully used to treat children with blood cancers, such as leukaemia and certain genetic blood disorders.

But very few families in India preserve the child’s stem cells and hence I believe more and more information and details need to be introduced to Indian families.

I was approached by the Babycell team while I visited my gynaecologist and introduced to stem cell preservation although I had heard about the same but I didn’t know the importance. Now, I am so happy that we could preserve our child’s stem cell and in future, the same can be used if the need arises.

Thank you Babycell,

Yohaan, Jini and Bipin, Mumbai

A Testimonial by Mrs. Renu Goswami & Mr. Biswa Ranjan Goswami, Hyderabad

Mr & Mrs Anand

We are very happy with the service provided by Babycell. We were provided with a good demo on ‘what to do’ and ‘when to do’. They provided us the contact lists in case of emergency. The paramedic staff was on time for the sample collection. In fact, one representative waited the whole night in the hospital though the delivery happened next evening. There was no problem with their services. We had a good experience with Babycell and would like to recommend all would-be parents to go with Babycell.

Mrs. Renu Goswami & Mr. Biswa Ranjan Goswami, Hyderabad

A Testimonial by Mr. Vineet Bisht, Pune

Mr & Mrs Anand

During the course of entire action, Babycell has always been on top of things and has fulfilled the promises made. The paramedic reached the hospital on time and without any issues, the collected sample was transferred to the lab. I appreciate that Babycell representatives have always been supportive and were in constant touch keeping us informed of the necessities. In all, we are quite happy with the level of support and services provided by Babycell and would be recommending such an amazing Babycell experience to our friends and families.

Mr. Vineet Bisht, Pune

A Testimonial by Vikram Mate, Pune

Mr & Mrs Anand

Really impressed with the services of Babycell. I spoke to Babycell team only an hour before the delivery since we had to rush for an emergency delivery. It was a very short notice given to the team. But the team was very prompt in their service. Within an hour, everything was managed and taken care of. The representative was on time for collection. The payment options were easy. Overall satisfied with the Babycell. It was a nice experience.

Vikram Mate, Pune

A Testimonial by Mr. & Mrs. Anand

Mr & Mrs Anand

“After knowing the importance of these miracle cells, we thought of getting stem cells stored.? We had heard about?Babycell from our acquaintances and decided to avail their services. It turned to be a good decision as they were prompt to our needs!! We are impressed by their professionalism & expertise. One of the best things about Babycell is their post sales services like the ?New born screening test? that they had provided for our new born babies, Aamya and Avin.? The online post-natal sessions for mothers were helpful too. We can completely rely on Babycell for any advice in the future!!?Thank you Babycell.?

Mr. & Mrs. Anand, Mumbai

A Testimonial by Mr. & Mrs. Saini

Mr.&Mrs. Saini

The Babycell experience Babycell, at every phase was superior, like the presentation, coordination done at the time of collection and post sales services. They have worked extremely hard to help us to understand the minutest details of the concept. We were impressed to see their responsiveness and the level of professionalism that they maintained throughout the entire process. The post natal session given to me?after delivery was excellent! We have done all that we can to ensure our children Tithi? &? Tushti? have a healthy life and we couldn’t have done it without Babycell.

Mr. & Mrs. Saini

A Testimonial by Mr. & Mrs. Rajaram Kannan


“We were considering Stem Cell banking as we believe with the advance of stem cell treatments, we are creating a “bank balance” for our baby’s health for the future. While we considered many service providers, Babycell stood out from the rest right from the initial interactions.? Mrs. Veena and her staff came over personally and spent as much time as we needed to understand stem cell and Babycell’s offerings.

After signing up with Babycell also we were quite apprehensive since we had heard about a number of bad experiences from other service providers – in terms of being available on time for the delivery. It sounded like you needed to inform them well in advance- but in reality the delivery date is really unpredictable. In our case also the delivery happened 5 weeks prior to the predicted date!Babycell exceeded our expectations, with the staff (Rajeshwari) immediately arriving at the hospital and staying all night waiting for the delivery. She left only after she had completed the collection of the cord. Absolutely delightful and we are extremely happy and grateful to Babycell.”

Mr. & Mrs. Rajaram Kannan, Hyderabad


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  1. The great ever service provided by the baby cell team , when it was second time i was carrying heard about stem cells protection and was really confused as to what to opt for … then i met some one by name Suresh (9160034516) at JJ Hospital and the way he explained about the product process and benefits made me go for baby cell without any second thought .. he was really cool,experienced,knowledgeable,…Baby cell definitely needs some one like this …All the best and all luck Suresh .. and Thanks a lot for all the you did .. God Bless

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